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Your pregnancy journey does not end at childbirth. The first few weeks after you give birth and very crucial in determining your own and your baby’s health. We have some programs to help you guide through this time.

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Exercises after childbirth

Restricting movement will not only physically affect you, but will also make you feel mentally negative. However, You should not push your body too soon. Listen to your body and take it slow. Another mistake mothers often do is not seeing a specialist for the exercises. Always hire a specialist like FitBirth who will often get you started with something as simple as breathing exercises. Everyone’s childbirth experience is different and we will be able to help you determine which exercises you can ease into and what you should avoid. 
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What is Yes Parenting

Often parents say ‘no’ to their children every time they do something they are not supposed to be doing. The child does not comprehend what the word means, except that it is an angry reaction. The conversation needs to include why they can’t do something and what they can do instead. 
This instills in their mind that because the child knew of the consequences of doing something, the child chose to do something else. As adults, this is supposed to translate into making better choices for yourself.
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Post childbirth weightloss/ Postnatal weight reduction

After childbirth, you need to acknowledge the changes your body is going through. 
This should be your approach toward postnatal weight reduction. Experts like FitBirth will be able to analyze your pregnancy journey and childbirth experience to assess what should be your diet and workout regime for weight loss. It is important to eat nutritious food, and only perform exercises that are okay for your body. 
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Our Testimonials

What Fitbirth Mommies Say

It was great staying relaxed and active during my pregnancy all thanks to Harshika from FitBirth, she is very knowledgeable and passionate about prenatal care and childbirth, is very supportive and answers all your queries, she goes all the way and even uses visual aids and props if required. Her library has some of the best books on the subject, loved the way she structures the class which feels organised but totally relaxed at the same time,had a great experience learning from her , her guidance was crucial in helping me give birth naturally, would strongly recommend all expecting mothers to give it a try.

Manya Khemlani fitbirth mommy

This lockdown has made it difficult for all, specially for the pregnant ladies to do yoga and workout! But this initiative by Harshika ma’am to start online sessions has been a saviour for all the pregnant ladies out there! Thankyou so much FITBIRTH for taking care of us in this crucial time of life. The meditation brings in a lot of positivity in my mind and body. We are blessed to have you with us.

Manali Chhorwani fitbirth mommy