My husband and I had been trying to have a baby for quite some time. When we least expected it, there it was. Two pink lines on my pregnancy test. As soon as I saw it, my eyes teared up, and needless to say, my husband had the same reaction when I told him. I still count that day as one of the happiest days of my life. 

As a young, first-time mother, I was very scared. During the first 2-3 months of my pregnancy, I found it slightly difficult to manage my physical symptoms. On top of that, I was constantly stressed out about the kind of parent I am going to be. This led to a decline in my quality of sleep, which then started affecting my health overall. 

That is when I approached FitBirth. With Harshika, I started a lot of meditation and positivity work. It helped me clear my mind and my doubts about my life as a mother. While there were still ups and downs in my pregnancy journey, I was able to manage them all with FitBirth’s assistance. Harshika encouraged us to start talking to our baby in the womb. My husband and I thus started bonding with our baby in my tummy. 

My due date was 12th June. However, by 11th June there were no signs of labor. I wanted a natural birth but the doctor suggested that we get admitted on the 12th to induce labor. With Harshika’s guidance, I was able to calm myself down. I used the exercises I was taught to induce labor. What worked for us, was our bond with the baby. My husband knelt and held my belly as he said to our baby, “Please come out soon baby. Mumma is in pain and we are waiting for you.” There she was just 30 minutes after that; our beautiful baby girl. 

The moment I held her, my first words were “thank you”. I was not just thanking her for listening to us, I was thanking her for blessing our lives with her presence. 

Even now as a mother, I have my fair share of ups and downs. However, with FitBirth and Harshika’s help, I have the tools and resources I need to manage my life as a parent as well. 

I would like to thank FitBirth with my whole heart. They made my journey so much easier.

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What Fitbirth Mommies Say

It was great staying relaxed and active during my pregnancy all thanks to Harshika from FitBirth, she is very knowledgeable and passionate about prenatal care and childbirth, is very supportive and answers all your queries, she goes all the way and even uses visual aids and props if required. Her library has some of the best books on the subject, loved the way she structures the class which feels organised but totally relaxed at the same time,had a great experience learning from her , her guidance was crucial in helping me give birth naturally, would strongly recommend all expecting mothers to give it a try.

Manya Khemlani fitbirth mommy

This lockdown has made it difficult for all, specially for the pregnant ladies to do yoga and workout! But this initiative by Harshika ma’am to start online sessions has been a saviour for all the pregnant ladies out there! Thankyou so much FITBIRTH for taking care of us in this crucial time of life. The meditation brings in a lot of positivity in my mind and body. We are blessed to have you with us.

Manali Chhorwani fitbirth mommy